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Maria Nayler


Recording Artist

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Maria Nayler’s name is synonymous with musical excellence, and her timeless artistry continues to inspire and uplift audiences across the globe. Maria’s captivating voice consistently delivers chart-topping hits and soul-stirring performances that resonate with fans worldwide.

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What Maria Nayler offers


Maria Nayler welcomes songwriting collaborations with open arms. Her creative prowess and musical expertise make her an ideal partner for crafting compelling and memorable songs. Collaborate with Maria to bring your musical vision to life.



Experience the magic of Maria Nayler’s vocal recording sessions. Her mesmerising voice and professional expertise create a dynamic atmosphere for producing exceptional audio recordings. Collaborate with Maria to capture the essence of your music and elevate your sound to new heights.



Maria Nayler is available for personal appearances. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand event, her presence adds a touch of elegance and charm. Book Maria for a memorable and captivating personal appearance that will leave a lasting impression.



Don’t miss out on Maria Nayler’s electrifying shows and concerts. Her live performances are a musical journey filled with passion and soul. Experience the magic of her music in person and be part of an unforgettable night of entertainment.


Robert Miles – One & One (Official Video) ft. Maria Nayler

Maria Nayler’s Achievements

Maria Nayler is a British recording artist, vocal coach and songwriter. She began her music career, with her then band, Ultraviolet, whom released two singles in the very early 90s, including “Kites” and “I Wish That”. Maria then went on to provide vocals for “Ladies With an Attitude” by Epitome of Hype, which sampled lines from Madonna’s hit single, “Vogue”. “Ladies With an Attitude” became a success on the underground scene, garnering attention for Maria.

After a string of singles with Clusterfunk (“Do Me Right”, “Deep Down”), Maria was in the studio with major DJ/producer, Sasha, for the recording of the single, “Be As One”, which went on to be a major hit for the duo, peaking at #17 on the official UK charts in 1995.

A year later, and Maria was making waves on the music scene once again, with the smash hit single, “One and One”, with the late Robert Miles. The duo scored #1 on the music charts in several European countries, including Belgium, Israel, Italy, Romania, Scotland, The Eurocharts Hot 100 and the US Dance Chart, as well as reaching an impressive #3 IN the UK. After this success, everyone wanted to work with Maria Nayler, and string of solo singles were culled from collaborations with Tilt and further productions from Sasha. In 1998, Maria released “Naked and Sacred”, which proved to be another major hit for her.

A Maria Nayler album was now imminent, after signing a solo deal with Deconstruction Records. However, unfortunate circumstances lead the label to fold, which had a devastating impact on Maria’s finished album. “Will You Be With Me”, “Love Is The God” and “Inside My Universe”, all penned by Maria, were culled as promotional singles for the intended album however.

“She” is an album that remained hidden for 26 long years, locked away in the vaults. After a gruelling seven-year battle with Sony, it finally saw the light of day in May last year. This musical gem promises to be a timeless masterpiece, worth the wait and the struggle.

The abandoned solo album did not deter Maria from the music scene, as Maria went onto lend her vocals to many more collaborations, including tracks on several Taste Xperience albums, further Tilt productions and a single with Ferry Corsten. In 2000, Maria released the single, “Angry Skies”, which saw her back in the UK charts.

Maria continued to provide soothing and euphoric vocal melodies to several trance, house, dance and chilled tracks over the next decade, until she met the band, Goldmaster Allstars, which saw her taking on a completely different musical direction, as she went onto provide a full album’s worth of vocals on their ska/reggae album, “Crossroads”, in 2010. Maria became a dedicated member of the band. They toured extensively, and won Best British Reggae Artist. The Goldmaster Allstars material holds a special place in Maria’s heart, as she enjoyed the production style and fun dynamic within group. The “Crossroads” album demonstrates Maria Nayler’s impressive vocal diversity.

In recent years, Maria has provided vocals to several dance chart hits with the likes of Paul Morrel, Tenisha, Raz Nitzan and new 2012 version of “One and One” with Loverush UK. She performs live, regularly with the Ulster Orchestra, on their 20 Years of Lush Dance Classics tour.

Maria Nayler continues to lay down vocals on dance, house and trance classics of the future. She is also a very successful vocal coach, working with actors, west end performers and major recording artists. Not many female recording artists can boast the successful career that Maria has lead, and it’s longevity. A career that has earned her an induction in the Guinness Book of Records (music edition) and worldwide record sales in excess of 20 million, and still counting. Some 20 years after the penultimate, “One and One”, producers are still desperate to work with the angel voiced artist, who shows no signs of slowing down.

Maria Nayler's Discography

1990 – “Kites” single by Ultraviolet – Vocalist/composer

1991 – “I Wish That” single by Ultraviolet – Vocalist/composer

1991 – “Ladies with an Attitude” single by Epitome of Hype – Vocalist

1991 – “Here and Now” Single by Shaka Boom – Vocalist/composer

1991 – “Anjuna Dawn” single by Electrotete – Vocalist/composer

1992 – “It’s A Miracle” single by Shaka Boom – Vocalist/composer

1994 – “Do Me Right” single by Clusterfunk – Vocalist/composer

1994 – “Deep Down” single by Clusterfunk – Vocalist/composer

1994 – “I am the Best” single by Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

1995 – “Be as One” single by Sasha & Maria – Vocalist/composer

1996 – “One and One” single by Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist

1996 – “4US” B side track on the “One and One” single by Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

1996 – “Dreamland” album by Robert Miles (Track “One and One”) – Vocalist

1998 – “Naked and Sacred” single by Maria Nayler – Vocalist

1998 – “Will You Be With Me” single by Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

1998 – “Love Is The God” single by Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

1998 – “Inside My Universe” single by Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

1999 – “On My Way” single by Mike Koglin feat. Beatrice – Composer

2000 – “Angry Skies” single by Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2002 – “Headstrong” single by Tilt feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2002 – “Babyland” single by Motion 3 featuring Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2003 – “Child Of Life” single by Taste Xperience – Vocalist/composer

2003 – “Beyond The Horizon” album by Taste Xperience. Tracks: “Child of Life”, “Herb Boy”, “Magic Tribe”, “Soul Good”, “Keep On Moving”, “Spiritual Waves” – Vocalist/composer

2003 – “Free Spirit” single by Marc Et Claude feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2004 – “Over Again” single by Odessi feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2005 – “Skylines” promotional album by Taste Xperience – Vocalist

2006 – “21st-century Lover” single by Killahurtz feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2007 – “Angry Skies” (Reactivation Remix) single by Tilt feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2007 – “Celestial Dreams” album by Taste Xperience. Tracks: “Blue”, “You”, “Pictures”, “Shape Me”, “Ladybird”, “Give Me Your Love” – Vocalist/composer

2008 – “Kaleidoscope” album by Taste Xperience. Tracks: “Magic Friend”, “Spirit Of Life” – Vocalist

2009 – “We Belong” single by Ferry Corsten – Vocalist

2009 – “Perfect Sky” single by Espen Gulbrandsen and DJ Julian Vincent feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2010 – “Crossroads” album by Goldmaster Allstars – Vocalist/composer

2011 – “The Music In You” single by Tilt featuring Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2012 – “One and One 2012” single by Loverush UK! Feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2012 – “My Release” single by Tilt feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2012 – “Wild” single by Glassesboys – Vocalist/composer

2013 – “Damage” single by Paul Morrell feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2014 – “Lifetime When Right” single by Tenishia and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2015 – “Calming Rain” single by Kyau and Albert feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2015 – “No Mistakes” single by Rafael Frost and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2015 – “Still I Feel” single by Bart Classen and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2016 – “Superstar” single by Damien S feat. Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2017 – “A Second Breath” single by Mino Safy and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2017 – “The Beauty of the Night” single by Nitrous Oxide and Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2017 – “More Than a Photograph” single by Jericho Frequency and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2017 – “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” single by Raz Nitzan and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2018 – “For The Weekend” single by Rino Eposito and Maria Nayler – Vocalist/composer

2018 – “I Dissolve In You” single by Costa and Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2019 – “Closest Thing to Heaven” by Maria Nayler, Kaimo K, Trance Classics – Vocalist

2019 – “It’s a Fine Day – 4 Strings Remix” by Maria Nayler, Trance Classics, 4 Strings – Vocalist

2019 – “Remember You As Mine” by 4 Strings, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2019 – “Once Upon A Memory” by Tom Boldt, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2019 – “It’s a Fine Day – 2019” by Maria Nayler, Trance Classics – Vocalist

2019 – “Echo of My Soul i Denis Kenzo Remix” by Raz Nitzan, Maria Nayler, Denis Kenzo – Vocalist

2019 – “Angry Skies” by Maria Nayler, James Dymond – Vocalist

2019 – “Love Waits” by Talla 2XLC, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2019 – “The Commotion of Love” by Fright Nite, Maria Nayler, LightControl – Vocalist

2020 – “Remember You As Mine – The Madison Extended Mix” by 4 Strings, Maria Nayler, The Madison – Vocalist

2020 – “Silent Witness (Where We Belong) – RYDEX Remix” by Trance Classics, Maria Nayler, RYDEX – Vocalist

2020 – “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart – Darren Porter Remix” by Raz Nitzan, Maria Nayler, Darren Porter – Vocalist

2020 – “Closest Thing to Heaven – Niall McKeever Remix” by Kaimo K, Trance Classics, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2021 – “Silent Witness (Where We Belong) – Inrayzex Extended Mix” by Trance Classics, Maria Nayler, Inrayzex – Vocalist

2022 – “One and One (feat. Maria Nayler)” by Deborah de Luca, Maria Nayler, Robert Miles – Vocalist

2023 – “You Are The Reason” by Michael Fearon, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2023 – “Reunited In One Flame” by Suncatcher, Exolight, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2023 – “Dancing Alone” by 4 Strings, Trance Classics, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

2023 – “Walls Come Crashing Down” by Kaimo K, Trance Classics, Maria Nayler – Vocalist

International Recording Artist

With a career marked by chart-topping hits and soul-stirring performances, Maria Nayler has left a permanent mark on the music industry, fascinating fans from various corners of the world.

Maria’s ability to connect with diverse audiences through her music has solidified her position as a true international sensation, celebrated for her artistry and impact worldwide.